Auditing an Art Project

On this beautiful day in Binghamton, Griffin and I followed Abby to audit the Department of Public Art’s (DPA) project.  We went to the Water Street parking ramp, where the DPA has been painting murals alongside the walls.

When we entered the ramp, we were greeted with a “Welcome to Virtual Reality” painting, and I definitely saw how they related their murals to this theme.  One of the murals was of a plane to show some of the technology that originated in Binghamton, but the painting itself was really colorful and had an almost dream-like quality to it.

The DPA’s murals were incredibly detailed; they painted a train on one floor, but when we stood back from it, it looked more like a photograph.  I really admire the amount of time and effort the DPA spent in these murals, especially when they’re volunteers.

We also liked how this showed us more of Binghamton.  As Griffin pointed out, this was a new aspect of Binghamton that we wouldn’t generally see as students, and it’s true.  Even if I had a car on campus, I’d probably never have known about this project.

Overall, I had a really positive great experience auditing this project.  As a student, I think it’s important to get in touch with the community, and this was a great way to do so!

-Michelle Li
Fall 2014 Undergraduate Intern


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