Recipe for a Successful Final Reading Event

  • 5 poetry workshops
  • 2 directors
  • 2 interns
  • 1 lecture hall
  • 1 microphone
  • 1 sign-in sheet
  • 1 podium
  • 1 video recorder
  • Handful of Creative Writing grad students
  • 1 stand of food
  • 15-20 poets
  • 1 incredible audience


  1. Have grad students teach poetry workshops, then set aside.
  2. Add directors, interns, microphone, sign-in sheet, podium, and food to lecture hall.  Make sure everything is in a good spot!
  3. Place grad students in front of Science 1, Room 149 to direct people to the lecture hall.  Calm last-minute nerves and frustration about the room change.
  4. Resist taking a donut when people walk in.  There are only so many donuts…
  5. Have directors and greet people as they arrive.
  6. Have one intern (Griffin) set up the video camera to record the event.
  7. Take the sign-in sheet and have the other intern (Michelle) run around the lecture hall to sign people in as they take their seats.
  8. Slowly fold poets in one by one to the podium.
  9. Serve!

This recipe makes one final reading event.  It can be tweaked for different numbers of poets or audiences – we had about 17 readers and a full venue.  I tested it out along with the rest of the Binghamton Poetry Project and we all agree that it was successful!  This works best if you have some very talented poets, which we did (and thank you, instructors, for helping to bring this talent out).

Everyone seemed so confident and poised reading their poems and the audience was so enthusiastic.  It made for a truly wonderful final reading event!

-Michelle Li
BPP Intern


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