Setting Up for the Reading

  • Friday, November 21st, 2014

    8:30 AM – My alarm goes off. I hit snooze.

    8:35 AM – My alarm insists on going off again. I resist the urge to hit snooze again and begin the day’s errands to set up for our Final Reading Event.

    9:15 AM – I arrive on campus, and head to Audio Visual Services to pick up a microphone and its stand. How else would we be able to hear everyone’s wonderful poems?

    9:20 AM – I head down the hall to Lecture Hall 10, where our event is scheduled to take place, to test out the newly acquired microphone. Does the cable go in this port, or this one?

    9:30 AM – With everything figured out in the sound department, I now have to focus on how I’m going to film the event, luckily for me I’m a Cinema Major in addition to my English Major, so I check out a digital camera and a tripod from the cinema department.

    10:30 AM – Let’s see, the flyers were hung up on Monday, but Abby needs some printed out directions to hand out on campus, since our venue got changed, and we’d hate to have people showing up to the wrong place, time to print them out, trace directions on the map, and drop them off at the english department for Abby to pick up later!

    11:00 AM – I skipped breakfast, so I think I have enough time for a quick bite to eat at the Jazzman’s Cafe in the library

    11:10 AM – No I don’t, I wanted to go to that Johnson City Mentor Program meeting! Time to hurry over to the Union and see what they’re all about’

    12:00 PM – Thankfully the meeting was laid-back (and I wasn’t even the latest one to show up!) Gotta drop off the sound equipment at fellow BPP intern Michelle’s apartment since she lives on campus, and I reallllly don’t wanna lug around sound and camera equipment all day.

    12:30 PM – Free time! Cool! I head home and take a cat nap.

    4:30 PM – Okay so it became a four hour cat nap.

    4:35 PM – Remind my friends to come to tonight’s event, also remind them there will be donuts.

    5:00 PM – I’m back on the Vestal Parkway running to Walmart and Dunkin Donuts for juice, cups, napkins, donuts, and coffee, every red light be they traffic lights or brake lights show up to greet me! “Hi Griffin! What’s the rush?” “OH NOTHING, RED LIGHT, NOTHING AT ALL”

    5:40 PM – I finally beat the traffic and end up back on campus. I end up paying for the convenient parking by the library. “Goodbye, Quarters!”

    5:59 PM – I hope this goes well.

    6:00 PM – Oh hey, my friends came! Wow, Lecture Hall 10 is virtually full! Lights are dimmed, the camera is rolling, first up, the Whitney Point workshop!

    7:15 PM – That went so great! A full house, tons of great footage of the reading, and a responsive and respectful audience! The donuts are gone, but I’m able to salvage a cup or two of coffee. I forgot how great coffee is. The teen’s workshop (the group I shadowed) is outside and I better go say hi to them!

    Needless to say my day was chock full of errands, but the final applause at the end of the reading, and meeting my kids for one more time reminded just how rewarding something like this can be. Every single handshake, hug, and fist-bump I got that night made everything worth working for.

    -Griffin Quist, BPP Intern


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