Thank You

It’s always something special when I can get together with a group of people and feel like I am among “my tribe.”

That’s why I’d like to thank all of you who came out to the Binghamton Poetry Project Spring 2016 Reading.

I spent many years after high school so intimidated by life that my existence became very, very small.  I steered clear of any kind of social gathering, and I felt afraid any time I was expected to talk to anyone new.

This has been improving over the past few years, and when I took my first creative writing class 18 months ago, I felt that shift – that realization that I had stumbled upon something so intimately a part of me that I just … recognized it.  Like an old friend returning after a long time away.

Leading up to last week, my time with BPP had been fun and new, but it felt like I was just skating along the surface of it.  Doing the busy work, going through the motions, but not feeling the deep, intimate connection to the Project and the community that I had been craving since I sent in my internship application.  That’s just a matter of circumstance and scheduling.

But last week, at the Revision Workshop (when I finally helped lead a workshop), and then again and even more profoundly at the Final Reading, everything clicked into place.  I was able to meet so many of you and to see your faces when I had only ever e-mailed with you before, and I was able to hear your work and watch you bear your hearts in front of a room of what felt like long-time friends.

It was a defining evening for me.

Your participation in this project, and your effort and commitment to this community does not go unnoticed.  You are what makes this project possible, and what makes it special.  So thank you for your continued dedication and support.

Thank you.

-Intern Ashley



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