There I Was…

5:20 a.m. Wednesday. August 28th, 2016.

I awoke to my boyfriend, Andrew, shaking me violently. “Who is that Kaelan?” he whispered. There was a dark figure in my room. It was a teenage boy; his shadow was unfamiliar. I got up from bed and my adrenaline kicked in. The drunken kid stumbled.

“Who the hell are you?” I screamed.

My heart was beating out of my chest.

There’s an intruder in my bedroom! I never thought this would happen to me! Where is the closest weapon?

I tried to see what he looked like, but my sight was restricted in the darkness of the night.

“My names Dunkin” He mumbled. “I’m a friend of your roommates…” He continued.

“Why are you in my girlfriends room? Get the **** out!” Andrew’s brash voice echoed into the hallway.

Within one second Andrew had shot up from bed and forced “Dunkin” out of my bedroom door. “Dunkin” had stepped out of sight before I had even caught a glimpse of his face. However upon following “Dunkin” out, Andrew stopped abruptly.

“Why is your floor wet?” His facial expression momentarily changed from anger to that of disgust.

“Did you pee on my girlfriends rug?” Andrew screamed as he pushed on into the hallway to continue pressing the stranger.

I frantically found the light switch to reveal a puddle of what was most definitely pee on my carpet next to my shoe bin by my bedroom door. However, upon examining further, I realized that all of my shoes were in fact sitting in about four inches of “Dunkin’s” beer-urine. I gagged. He had emptied his full, drunk, teenage bladder onto ALL of my shoes and the carpet. It was repulsive; I was livid.

Who the hell is “Dunkin”? My anger consumed me.

I rushed out into the living room area to find that Andrew had already kicked the mysterious “Dunkin” out of the apartment. My roommates had awoken, and came out of their respective bedrooms. They were both genuinely startled.

“What happened?” My roommates echoed in unison. “Where is Dunkin?”

Their eyes were still wide with fright.

“He just peed all over my shoes! Andrew kicked him out!” I said in disbelief.

“What?” Everyone looked back at me. They were all appalled.

“He peed all over your shoes?” Andrew reiterated.

His fists were clenched tighter than his jaw.

“Want me to kill him?”

It was clear that Andrew was ready to sprint out after Dunkin. It was a natural response to what could have been an even worse situation, but I declined Andrew’s “help” with the matter and focused on why he was even in my apartment to begin with. My roommates started to explain.

It turns out that Dunkin was a friend of theirs. They had allowed him to sleepover on our couch because he was too drunk to walk home. I was already asleep by the time they had returned to the apartment so they didn’t want to wake me up to let me know he was spending the night. It seemed clear to me now that Dunkin had drunkenly slept walked into my room and had mistaken it for his own bathroom.

Just my luck. 5:30 a.m. On a Wednesday.

I spent the remaining hours of the morning disinfecting my shoe bin in the bathtub. I was so upset that this had happened to me. It wasn’t fair. All of my shoes were ruined. I was so hung up on the fact that Dunkin had stolen so many hours of my sleep. I now had to dedicate those hours of my life to washing all of my shoes meticulously. I was pissed.

However, around 7am that morning it hit me. I began hysterically laughing and I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t believe my luck. A random teenager walked into my room and urinated all over my shoes and floor. It was hands down the most disgusting and awful experience I’ve ever had to wake up to. I shook my head in disbelief and shook it off. I couldn’t allow a drunken teenage boy to ruin my day. I sighed, threw some of the remaining dirty shoes in the washing machine, and enjoyed my beautiful Wednesday.


Moral of the story: You can’t allow people’s actions to dictate your mood. You are your own happiness. Take time today to relive an unpleasant experience and write about it. Try to make it positive! Allow yourself to forgive and forget the past. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Try and see the same situation from all involved perspectives. The possibilities are endless! Can’t wait to hear from you all. Stay beautiful.


Hoping you have a great week,





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