Stage Fright

It was the second grade and I was still getting used to the idea of being seven. I was at the perfect age for elementary school trauma. The activity that day was to create our own plans for an invention. Something to make everyone’s life a little bit easier. I thought about what the hardest part of my life was and concluded that world peace could be achieved if kids didn’t have to do homework. So, I began drawing my homework defeating machine on some paper and began telling my desk mates about it. It was well received by my peers and some of them even added their own suggestions. Everything appeared to be going well on the surface.
It came time to tell everyone of our machines, and I wanted to go first. I was excited to tell everyone about it and extremely nervous as well. I wanted to get it over with and be praised for my amazing idea. My plan was perfect, nearly flawless. However, the teacher kept picking everyone else to go first. Soon half the class had presented, and my anxiety was rising as I noticed all the other, much better machines everyone had created. I began to think my machine was the dumbest ever and hoped the teacher would forget me.
“We’ve saved the best for last!” My teacher happily announced. I quickly shook my head and she pointed to the front of the room. Defeated, I slowly walked to the front and had the opportunity to stare down everyone else. Everyone who had a better idea than me. Instead of explaining my homework machine, I began to cry, ugly cry. Of course, I presented through those childish tears and ended up getting a good grade. The good grade was from sticking to my presentation and finishing it despite wanting to run from the room. However, I’ll never forget the way everyone froze when my parade of emotions spilled out into the room.
Nowadays I just get nervous and nearly throw up. However, I don’t let myself ruin a presentation anymore and I laugh at all my old memories. If you can laugh at yourself, you don’t need to really worry about messing up too much. It can make a great story later after a little while. The Final Reading will be tomorrow and I know some of you must be nervous about presenting your poems in front of other people. However, everyone will be nervous about the same thing and we are all poetry lovers. Nobody is going to be throwing tomatoes are you. Just breath and remember the time and effort you spent on your work. I’m sure we will love it!


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