Goodbye Winter

The gray skies part, the violent winds finally seize and the sun shines down upon budding trees flooded with hues of green. Binghamton’s winter is no more and like a rabbit adapting to the warmth, the students and residents of Binghamton shed their winter coats. The eerie city of Binghamton whose occupants seem to hibernate during the frigid months reappear on the streets with smiles painted across their faces. The warm weather is more than just an excuse to lie under the sun or procrastinate schoolwork. The sun thaws our soul and rekindles our spirit.

Binghamton University’s culture reaches a dramatic shift in the months of April and May. Not only does the student body seem to double, even triple, in size, but the kindness and enthusiasm of each student seems to grow as well. Clubs and organization march on the Spine, spreading awareness about charities and social issues dear to their hearts. Friends come together to lie on the grass and enjoy a much-needed break from the stresses of life and school. Like a flower whose leaves stretch to the sun to grow, the people of Binghamton grow with the change of the seasons.

There are those that argue Binghamton is not what it used to be, that the spark that made Binghamton a great city left years ago when big business moved out. Yet, I believe the warm weather is a time machine that brings the city of Binghamton back to greatness. The student body walks the streets of Binghamton indulging in the fantastic restaurants and appreciating the beautiful architecture found throughout the city. Even the residents of downtown Binghamton seem to transform into colorful people, always ready to give you a warm hello.

What’s more, the beautiful weather opens up the opportunity for a different kind of creative inspiration. The colors of the surrounding forests, the blooming of the flowers and the increase in animal presence is enough inspiration to write a great poem. Take a walk through the nature preserves found on campus or walk across one of the many bridges downtown. The world of spring is vibrant and begs for the attention of creative individuals to capture its essence in writing, painting or both. So please take advantage of the warm weather, go for a walk through the forest or just enjoy the weather by lying out in the sun. Write poetry about the warmth of nature or about something that only spring can bring about. Because before you know it Binghamton will be shrouded in the cold months of winter, where inspiration is hard to find and where the cold makes it hard to leave your bed. As always, enjoy the weekend and the beautiful weather. #InternIan


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