Poetry Submission Guidelines

Poetry Submission Guidelines


  • The BPP Anthology is published twice per year, once in the fall and once in the spring.
  • New deadlines will be determined during each workshop series. See your workshop instructor or contact us at binghamtonpoetryproject@gmail.com for details.
  • Open to all Poetry Project participants.
  • Must have attended at least one workshop.
  • Participants may submit up to 3 poems from each workshop venue* attended.
  • Each poem submitted may not be longer than 2 pages in length.

How to Submit:

  • Send poems through email to binghamtonpoetryproject@gmail.com – a separate email for each workshop venue you attend.
  • E-mail must include your name, contact info, the workshop (day and location) you attended, with your poems either in the body of the email or attached as a separate document.
  • Submissions to the anthology are open to all Binghamton Poetry Project participants. Participants need only attend one workshop to be published in the anthology.
  • Submissions are due Friday, April 20th.
As always, we attempt to publish all poems submitted, depending upon space. Thank you again for all your creativity and writing. We look forward to seeing everybody at the final reading:
Saturday, April 28th at 2:00pm
in the Broome County Public Library (185 Court Street)

 *Venues include: Broome County Public Library Adults (2 different), Broome County Public Library Kids, Veterans Center, Mary L. Wilcox Library/ Whitney Point, UE High School. 

One thought on “Poetry Submission Guidelines

  1. My mother grew up in Binghamton and was an avid writer who longed to be published. She lived Binghamton and wrote fondly of it. She passed away two years ago and I’ve been reading her many poems and short stories and am so impressed! I wonder if you would allow me to submit some select pieces. She nor I attended your workshops so this would be just a huge favor and thrill for her (assuming of course that her spirit would be aware). Thank you for your time.


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