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3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. From the time I began to walk, and perhaps before, I had had an imaginary horse. He was jet black with a wide white blaze.

    So, when the teacher decided to introduce us to the intricacies of the Thank You Note, it seemed sensible to compose a writing exercise to a fictional uncle about a silver studded black saddle for that imaginary horse.

    However, I had not counted on the foibles of real people. I had no idea the teacher would assume that it was a real life situation, or that in a public place she would gush to my poor blind-sided father about the “marvelous present your brother gave Susie for her birthday.”

    I have since read where Mark Twain had written in his defense, against the indignation of someone who had known him since child hood, “of course it is all lies, but it is all Truth.”

    Even now, we find that teachers can be real people with tiny little brains, parents are real people who get embarrassed, defensive and angry in a predictable order, and students are real people who see the world from their own perspective and don’t believe either of the above.

    I am remembering that well, nearly seventy years later.
    Anita Shipway


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